Hexagon wave
by Dave Whyte aka Bees & Bombs

Hexagon wave

by Dave Whyte aka Bees & Bombs

R+Co - The Culture of Hairdressing

I love to see ecommerce that doesn’t look like traditional ecommerce sites. And this one nails it.

design by ?

Pinterest with Material Design

by rice tseng

my favorite dataviz studio

Bureau Oberhaeuser

Sand and Water — fashion photography

by Tina Gauff

Announcing VSCO Journal – A commonwealth of voices

Women of Nizamuddin
by Nour El Refai

More gorgeous work from Buck, this time for Google Wallet. Impeccable faux analogue and brilliant transitions anchored by solid design make this a worthy addition to Buck’s impressive library of Google work.

Juliana Muller from L’Equipe Agence
Styled by Gi Macedo and Beauty, Rafa Melo Ramos.

photography and design
by my talented friend Rodrigo Maltchique

"How does sound look like? How can you make it visible? These were the two questions, that I tried to answer with this project."

Dancing Colors

by Fabian Oefner

Nice typographical portfolio

of London-based image-maker Charles Williams
His work includes type, illustration, portraiture, and more.


illustration by Matt Taylor

Reform RFRM is an online shop

from the folks at Sans Form that fea­tures a col­lec­tion of min­i­mal poster designs