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Shufti 7 - Iceland 
by the Vast Agency

Behind the Zines introduces a cutting-edge selection of international zines and examines their role as a catalyst in the evolution of media and graphic design today. The book presents the broad range of existing zines that combine thought-provoking content with compelling design: from project-oriented portfolios and (pseudo) scientific treatises to playrooms where creatives can run riot and publications in which the printing process significantly influences aesthetics.


Inspired by the classic American typewriter, the Treza font from Parisian designer Benjamin Gomez was first developed for a book publication packed with technical data such as tables, references, drawings and more.
The result is a sober and functional typeface ideal for use in classic print media, with pulpy serif and curves and fluid lines reminiscent of classic calligraphy.

Check out this typeface at Gestalten Fonts website.

Dear Reader is a self-initiated publication by Atelier Carvalho Bernau. It originates the urge to unveil the hidden references of design processes, and share the steps of that process that never leave the studio otherwise.