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King of unsolicited redesigns George Kvasnikov strike again!

R+Co - The Culture of Hairdressing

I love to see ecommerce that doesn’t look like traditional ecommerce sites. And this one nails it.

design by ?

Reform RFRM is an online shop

from the folks at Sans Form that fea­tures a col­lec­tion of min­i­mal poster designs

Alternative Apparel is a lifestyle apparel brand that touts simply designed, super-soft and eco-friendly clothing.

design by Instrument


An online magazine about culture, art, design, architecture, photography and more…

new AKQA website

was designed by the people at Big Human.
They’re also responsible for the new Time site and the new Fortune site.

Karoshi’s wallchart

complete with its own website and downloadable fixture list.


design by HORT

The book project devotes itself to the central themes of Rainer Schmidt’s work, documents around 40 selected projects and includes several essays on landscape architecture and urban planning.

Frank Chimero’s new design studio


Responsive grid based Tsovet website

design by Adam Widmanski
(designer @ Huncwot)

Personal research

for the next update of GrafikWar

Interesting case study
Redesigning IMDB / Thinking Database Design

Rémi Fayolle — Dribbble / Twitter
Gilles Bertaux — Portfolio / Twitter