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- a fantastic background noise and color generator ideal for working
design by Stefano Merlo

amazing collage portraits

by Maurizio Galimberti

my all time favorite collage illustrator

Nazario Graziano

The mouth full of stars

by Gehard Demetz

Nice portfolio concept

by Nicola Cozzolino

Tony Dispigna may be a very influential craftsman to today’s “throwback” design connoisseurs without many realizing. In 1969, shortly after graduating from Pratt, Tony joined forces at the legendary Lubalin Smith & Carnase. He has worked to produce notable classic typefaces like Lubalin Graph and Serif Gothic.

Many thanks to GE regular Jeremy Pettis, who provided these scans on his flickr of a great article he found.

Sketches Snatched blog

by Massimo Carnevale

by H-57, Orazio Marino

Nazario Graziano

one of my fav illustrator recently updated with several new projects, including this one for Wall for Japan.