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Through the phone

by Sam Alive

ROSE by Carte Noire

Agency : Proximity BBDO Paris
Creative Director : Valérie Levy-Harrar
Associate Creative Director : Audrey TAMIC
Art Director : Rémi JAMIN

lovely ressource about pornfood & burgers

** WARNING — Explicit Content **

PART I From Bossangoa th 5th of Dec.

since they seized power in March 2013,Seleka milicias have been responsible for massive human rights abuses, including massacres, rapes, executions, torture, and the burning of hundreds of villages.

by Pierre Terdjman

Lovely Tumblr blog

dedicated to glitchy porn

French hacker Benjamin Netter recently released a cool hack called Somewhere, an addictive jukebox machine for travel destinations using Instagram, Foursquare and Wikipedia data.

While working on Tripovore, I realized that Instagram pictures were much better than professional photos to feel the atmosphere of a place

NY city photographer

Paul McGeiver

the incredible Stainless, 42 Street

by Adam Magyar

Read more about his work here

the impressiv
Polar Vortex “ChiBeria” Chicago 2014

by photographer Brian Clay

Comfort Zone
by Tadao Cern

Comfort Zone


by Rosanna Jones.